Grow your instagram fanbase with 100% real followers

How does it work?

Our new system targets your desired audience by #hashtags or by people they follow (popular profiles).

For example, if you want to target artists we would use hashtags such as #mixtape #studio #ep #itunes and so on. To target producers we would use #beats #flstudio #producer and so on.

To targets music lovers we might go for followers of @50cent , @drake , @taylorswift and so on. The options are endless and we can help or let you be the one who decides the hastags and people they follow.

We can also swap this around each month by modifying the hashtags or people they follow. Once we have targeted your audience we use a various methods to get real followers, the most affective and recommended way is follow for follow method.

We will start to follow hundreds of targeted profiles, the % of people that follow back is around 20% at the start and will increase as your followers go up and your profile looks more credible and professional. After a period of time we will then unfollow profiles to bring your followers number above your following number. This is when you will really start to see the increase go up and get a lot more interaction.


If you want to announce a release of a new album or beat tape… We can also modify the program to send comments to your targeted audience. This method also works well but you will have some individuals that will say you are spamming them. But that is how marketing often works. We all get spammed visually with movie trailers such as Captain America Civil War, I know I see it pop up on my tv adverts, social media sites and even on billboards, buses and so on. But it works and it is very effective.

This method I’m proposing works and I can guarantee you will love it.

What do you have to do?

We will do our part and for it to really work well all you have to do is upload content (images or videos) on a regular basis.  Because if you dont no one is going to comment or follow a profile with the last  picture uploaded 2 months ago are they.

Instagram has +400 million active users


$ 30

MonthChoose 10 hastags

2 Popular profiles


$ 40

MonthChoose 20 hastags

5 Popular profiles

GOLDMost Popular

$ 50

MonthChoose 35 hastags

8 Popular profiles


$ 60

MonthChoose 50 hastags

12 Popular profiles

Note: All plans can be cancelled at any time. We will set up a recurring payment through paypal that has no minimum length and you have access to cancel if you dont want to continue the program.


– Send a comments campaign to your audience, for a duration of 1 month this will work along side the plans above

-1 comment $5

-3 comments $10

-5 comments $15