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We have a wide chose of different services to offer, some of which belong to subcategories of those displayed below. If there is something not stated below please get in touch.


Branding is a crucial part of any company, it’s what represents you in every aspect. We can get your branding pixel perfect so your consumer will remember you and keep coming back.

Web design

The first impression of entering a website will decide if you stay and browse the site or return and choose another. It happens to everyone, we can capture the attention with a professional looking site that is easy to navigate.


Marketing is key to expanding any company, if you have a product you want to share with the world get in contact today so we can discuss some marketing techniques and start getting your product known.


Ranking in the top pages of your search engine is crucial to increase your site traffic and help people find you. We offer a monthly service to improve your site ranking.


WordPress powers over 20% of all websites worldwide, its the perfect option for a website with ease of use and modification to keep expanding the site as your company grows.


Do you have product and need to have an online store? We specialise in creating easy to use online stores to aid customers in there next purchase


Following these 6 steps we will have you ready for your next step


We gather up all ideas and put them on the table to see what we want to achieve with the project


We start planning where we are going to start and looking what we want to achieve


We start on the design process and tweak till it is perfect


We pass the design onto the developers to turn the images into code


Beta testing is done to insure that every aspect is working and no errors can be found


We launch the site and start planning on marketing and creating brand awareness

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